Edward Thomas and his world

Edward Thomas died at the first Battle of Arras in 1917 without seeing his poems in print. Since his death his reputation has grown to the point where he is one of the most influential poets and nature writers of the past century and to the extent that Ted Hughes called Thomas 'the father of us all.'

If you're starting out on the Edward Thomas journey here are some suggestions for reading. If you want to go beyond that feel free to ask: there's plenty more we can suggest!

Edward Thomas, Collected Poems

Collected Poems
Edward Thomas

As good a collection of the poetry as exists.
Edward Thomas, Selected Poems

Selected Poems
Edward Thomas

If you want the 'selected' rather than 'collected' poems try this one.
Edward Thomas, Selected Poems and Prose
Selected Poems and Prose
Edward Thomas

If you want both poetry and a selection of his prose writings here's the best introduction.
Edward Thomas, The Collected Poems

Collected Poems

Robert Frost
Frost, himself a magical poet, was Thomas's great friend and the man who inspired him to start writing verse late in life. It's fascinating to compare and contrast the two men's work.
Robert Macfarlane, The Old Ways

The Old Ways

Robert Macfarlane
One of our foremost nature writers, Macfarlane would be the first to acknowledge his debt to Thomas - and does so extensively in this book about ancient paths and trackways.
Now All Roads Lead to France

Now All Roads Lead To France, Matthew Hollis

Under Storms Wing

Under Storm's Wing

Helen & Myfanwy Thomas
This brings together most of the biographical writing about Thomas by his wife Helen and daughter Myfanwy, including Helen's two compelling autobiographical volumes
In Pursuit of Spring

In Pursuit Of Spring

Edward Thomas
A nicely produced centenary edition of the book Thomas wrote about his journey from London to the Quantocks on the eve of the Great War.

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Information published 10 March 2014

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