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Food is high on the agenda at Jarrold at the moment with the opening of the new deli and wine bar, so here are three of the biggest new cookbooks of the autumn – along with three other food titles that no foodie should be without.

We're well into the autumn publishing season now and the big new cookbooks are starting to arrive. At home we have a strict one in, one out policy with cookery titles, given the lack of space available. That makes for a constant re-evaluation (how do the new ones compare with the tried and tested favourites?) and means the new often struggle to find their place when up against the Elizabeth Davids, Patience Grays and Jane Grigsons.

Whether or not you have those dilemmas, here are three of the biggest names in food writing with their new autumn titles; and then three slightly less obvious choices I'd suggest deserve space on your shelves.

First, the big names:

The Road To Mexico

Rick Stein


Published 19th October 2017

Even without the late lamented Chalky, Rick Stein is one of the most affable characters on TV, his enthusiasm and humour infectious, both for the food of the places he visits and for the wider culture around. His new TV series features a road trip through California and Mexico and the new book chronicles both the trip and the region's cuisine.
I'm delighted to say you'll be able to meet Rick and hear him talk about the new book when he visits Jarrold on 6th November - click here for more information.

The Christmas Chronicles 

Nigel Slater


Published 19th October 2017

Mary Berry, Delia, Jamie, Nigella - if you've wanted a Christmas cookbook there's been plenty of choice over the years, but not - until now - anything from Nigel Slater. His new book has the recipes, of course, but also the myths, legends and traditions of the festive season. The author tells you how to decorate, generally get in the festive mood and, most importantly, how to be in control of the goose and everything that goes with it on the big day itself. 

At My Table - a celebration of home cooking

Nigella Lawson


Nigella Lawson has long been a champion of the home cook and of unfussy cooking. Her new book celebrates the food she loves to cook for friends and family, with recipes that are warming, comforting, and inspirational. And of course there's a new TV series this autumn, with which the book ties in.
We're excited that Nigella will be visiting Jarrold to sign books on 31st October. Click here for more information.



And now three perhaps slightly less obvious choices:

The Sportsman

Stephen Harris


Instore only

You might possibly be aware of a slightly dowdy-looking pub near Whitstable which happens to have won a Michelin star and a host of food awards - including Restaurant Magazine's 'National Restaurant of the Year' award for the second time in 2017. Now its self-taught head chef, Stephen Harris, has written a fine-looking and fascinating book (published by Phaidon, who do this kind of thing very well) detailing the pared-back, stylish and delicious recipes that have made Harris's restaurant a place of pilgrimage for food-lovers from around the world. 

Made At Home - the food I cook for the people I love

Giorgio Locatelli


Instore only

Giorgio Locatelli's London restaurant has been splendid for as long as I can remember. His previous books - Made In Italy and Made In Sicily - are wonderful, literate evocations of the food and cooking of his mother country. This year, being a judge on the BBC's The Big Family Cooking Showdown has brought Giorgio to a new and larger audience. Now, here's a new book from the maestro, his prose and recipes splendid as ever, about the food he prepares at home for family and friends - rather than the slightly more refined fare of the restaurant. 

Hook, Line, Sinker

Galton Blackiston


Instore only

Finally, a choice from closer to home: for twenty-five years Galton Blackiston has been producing fine food at Morston Hall - and has a Michelin star in recognition of that. More recently he's been responsible for the Number 1 in Cromer, a very fine fish and chip restaurant (with what may be the best sea view from a fish and chip shop in the UK). Galton's new book, lovingly and stylishly put together by Leeds-based Face Publishing, contains his favourite recipes from his quarter century of expertise. The book reads well and looks glorious.


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