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With luck, the sparkling new Jarrold Christmas Gift Guide will have dropped through your letter box recently. Jarrold book buyer Chris Rushby turns straight to page thirty-three where the books pages can be found.

Dear Reader,

It was the poet Andrew Marvell who wrote

But at my back I always hear

Santa’s sleigh bells hurrying near.

He might not have said exactly that, but it was something similar, at any rate. What the poet meant, I think, is that life is hurrying by, Christmas will be here before you know it, so getting on with your Christmas shopping would be a great idea.

Now, much as I like to think of Jarrold as an independent bookshop which just happens to sell a few other products too – gin, perfumery, furniture and the like – the arrival of the gift guide serves to remind me that there’s a wondrous and diverse range of products available from Jarrold this Christmas. Nevertheless, it’s to page thirty-three and the start of the books pages that I turn immediately – and hope you will too – for the first of several highlights from the pages of the guide, concentrating this time on three of the lesser-known books.

Birds In Norfolk

Andy Brown, James McCallum

RRP £50

Jarrold Price £9.99

This stunning and lovely book is both a celebration of the county’s avian highlights and a mine of useful information and data on the subject. We’ve sold a lot of copies at the original price of £50 and I’d say the book is definitely worth that price. Sadly, the publisher is no longer operating. As a consequence, though, we’ve acquired a quantity of the title at this amazing bargain price. The perfect gift for the ‘great outdoors’ person, or the twitcher in your life.  


In My Life

Alan Johnson

RRP £16.99

Jarrold Price £9.99

The popular former Labour MP and cabinet minister has already produced three highly readable and award-winning volumes of autobiography. This fourth outing concentrates on the music that has informed and provided the soundtrack to his life. It’s one of the pleasures of my bookselling year to be in conversation with Alan Johnson at a forthcoming Jarrold event. The perfect gift for the old rock ‘n’ roller in your life.   


Eric Ravilious Scrapbooks

Peyton Skipwith & Brian Webb

RRP £40

Jarrold Price £25

Eric Ravilious is one of the most beloved of twentieth century English artists, his style instantly recognisable. This splendid new book is a mine of information about the artist and his working methods. For the art lover in your life.



And finally, a special limited offer not featuring in the gift guide:

Pen Ink & Places

Quentin Blake


Quentin Blake is an internationally renowned illustrator and artist, an inspiration for artists everywhere. There’s a standard edition at £19.99, but here is a beautifully designed cloth bound special edition of his latest book, limited to 200 numbered copies signed by the author and fully illustrated with over 200 colour pictures.  

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