Reveal the Real You - Episode 4: Lucie and Lauren's Story

Lucie and Lauren struggle to find mother and daughter time. Que Jarrold Beauty and Charlotte Tilbury’s Senior Lead Artist Hayley and MAC Artist Phillippa who transform this amazing mother and daughter duo. Discover how we helped Lucy and Lauren Reveal The Real Them – and how we can help you Reveal The Real You in episode 4.

Throughout July and August we are using film to promote the power of our Jarrold Beauty Hall and the talented team that work within it. We would love you to these experiences with us by visiting any of our Beauty counters and quoting #revealtherealyou to receive a complimentary 30 minute appointment, (T&C's apply) that can ultimately “reveal the real you”.

Whether you are new to Jarrold Beauty or already a loyal customer, it is our treat to you. Come and experience a service that will boost your confidence and ensure you walk out the door both feeling and looking fabulous.

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