Jarrold Beauty 2020 Commandments

6 simple ways to transform your beauty regime

Are you already sick of the annual New Year resolution chat? We are at Jarrold Beauty. Luckily in the beauty world, there are some very easy changes to adopt this new year that will actually make a difference. So, instead of embarking on a month of broken promises, why not use the New Year as an opportunity to take on realistic and doable changes.

Here are our 6 beauty commandments that will transform your skin, hair and most important of all…your confidence!



1. I shall repair my hair

Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment


We have recently rediscovered the power of a good hair treatment. We are so great at treating our skin/nails meaning often that hair treatments are pushed to one side. Whatever the texture of your hair, taking time to use a weekly remedy will restore health, silkiness and shine. This Aveda miracle product penetrates hair quickly, working instantly to help strengthen and repair. The prefect treatment for chemically processed, heat styled or environmentally exposed hair...that’s most of us then!


Charlotte Tilbury Mask


2. I shall take time out for myself

Charlotte Tilbury NEW! Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask Multipack - Pack of 4 Masks


Let’s be honest we are all very good at telling our loved ones to take time out for themselves…now it’s time to start practicing what we preach. Whatever the reason taking some time to relax and pamper yourself does wonders for your skin. At Jarrold Beauty we have been advocates for using sheet masks. You can imagine the excitement when Charlotte Tilbury brought out the Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Masks. The mask is packed full of active ingredients such as vitamins, floral extracts, peptides and oils that will ensure ‘red-carpet’ skin in just 15 minutes. As if that’s not enough because it is a dry sheet mask, the mask itself does not harbour any bacteria so you can use up to 3 times.


Dermologica Balm


3. I will NOT sleep in my make-up

Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse Balm 90ml


You might have been guilty of doing this once or twice over the party season (guilty as charged), but sleeping in your make-up is one of the biggest beauty no-nos going. The cornerstone of every good skincare routine is cleansing. Cleansing is an essential step as it is removing every last trace of make-up and pollutants to ensure that as we sleep the skin can effectively do it’s job at repairing itself…..pretty tricky when there is a layer of foundation on there still. Que incredible Dermalogica pre-cleanse balm. This gorgeous balm will dissolve any tough makeup, pollutants without compromising the skin barrier or clogging pores. Leaving the skin super smooth, calm and nourished and ready for your next skincare step.


Bobbi Brown


4. I WILL exfoliate

Bobbi Brown Radiance Boost Exfoliating Mask

£35 for 75ml

There’s nothing more satisfying scouring off those pesky dead skin cells to allow your skin to glow with radiance and health. By ridding your complexion and body of dead surface skin, you’ll instantly reveal the fresher, more luminous you that lies beneath. Exfoliation should be an essential part of our skin care routine, especially as the older we get the slower the skin’s own shedding process becomes. Gone are the days of heavy-duty exfoliators, we prefer this amazing Bobbi Brown mask with superfine walnut grains and energising Orange Oil to wakeup-tired skin. Massage onto damp skin, leave for 2-5 minutes then rinse away to leave skin re-texturized, fresh and glowy.


Clinique Sheer Block


5. I WILL wear SPF everyday

Clinique City Block sheer SPF 25 and 40


This may not come as a surprise, although at Jarrold Beauty we are still amazed at the amount of people not wearing an SPF every day. Any skin-savvy soul will tell you that SPF is the most effective means of slowing down the ageing process. The sun may be weaker in winter, but those sneaky UVA rays (the ones responsible for damage and aging) are present whatever the weather. We understand that some SPF formulas out there can be sticky and not wear under makeup that well, though the trusted Clinique City block sheer is not one of them. This sheer broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) daily sunscreen has a lightweight formula that is perfect on its own or as an invisible make-up primer. So, there is no excuse to skip this step…your skin will thank you for it.


MAC Lipsticks


6. I WILL dare to wear a bold lipstick

M.A.C Lipstick


So many of us become stuck in makeup rut. Though with the start of a new year brings the beginning of trying something new and daring to wear what you thought you couldn’t. The easiest (and less effort) way of transforming your look is with lipstick. There always has and always will be multi benefits of wearing a bold lipstick. At Jarrold Beauty the power of wearing our favourite red lipstick can give us a boost in the most adverse situations. When you pick a shade that you feel great in, it can become what differentiates you from your peers -- it can help you find what makes you you. The plethora of shades that MAC possesses makes it easy to find a new vivid shade that will become your signature.


Prices and availablity checked Monday 6 January 2020

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