John Varvatos at Jarrold - Guest Post

What was the inspiration for Platinum Edition?

I wanted to create a fragrance that maintains the iconic statements in the John Varvatos fragrance portfolio and builds on the luxury and fluidity that the notes carry on the skin. I envisioned something that could not be duplicated because it’s shockingly simple, yet sophisticated, and reflects so much of what I admire and respect about the John Varvatos brand.

What was the inspiration behind the notes in the fragrance?

There are certain fragrance notes that I love to work with: leather, amber, citrus and patchouli contrasting with fresh spices and bright citrus oils. These notes all have robust strength and personality. John Varvatos is one of the few brands that has the prestige and character that works in perfect harmony with the notes in the Platinum Edition .
The Patchouli ORPUR™ melts into the resins, amber and leather and brings a distinct masculine sensuality to the Platinum Edition . At the same time, the spicy citrus opening is indicative of a man’s confidence, vigor, and strength.

How does Platinum Edition fit into the John Varvatos fragrance collection?

Platinum Edition fits into the John Varvatos Collection Fragrances by bringing a bohemian touch to the rocker edge, a juxtaposition defined by the John Varvatos brand. Platinum Edition also has the most extreme character of the Collection Fragrances; it is an oriental fragrance with many more amber notes than the other fragrances.

Who was the fragrance created for?

The man who wears Platinum Edition appreciates the heritage of rock n’ roll - how it has set the stage for today and the modern lifestyle of the man that wears the John Varvatos brand.

What does this fragrance mean to you?

Platinum Edition is special for me because it has a strong and notable character within the John Varvatos Collection Fragrances – it is something we’ve been wanting to create since I started working with John. John and I built it slowly and meticulously using only the best ingredients and some of our personal favorites. John finally opened-up to my patchouli suggestion and once we smelled the final fragrance, the rest is history.

John Varvatos Platinum Edition 125ml EDT



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