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Edward Savage from Montys in Norfolk

Food Fact: One of the ingredients of the Jarrold Heritage Mustard is the Jarrold Heritage ale made by Norfolk Brewhouse.

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Ed is passionate about all things mustard and has been making mustard by hand at Salle Moor Hall Farm in Norfolk for over 2 years. Since the closure of Colmans in Norwich, Montys is the only place in the UK that grows mustard and makes both smooth and wholegrain varieties in their purpose built kitchen. So it was only fitting that with this high quality mustard maker on our doorstep Jarrold would work with them to create the Norfolk Heritage Mustard that celebrates Norwich and Norfolk’s mustard making history.

“It’s an honour to be one of the only farms in the UK that now grows the mustard crop to make this delightful condiment,” said Ed. “Norfolk has always been synonymous with mustard, so to be able to continue this heritage and keep mustard making in Norfolk is fantastic.” 

Ed makes both Jarrold mustards by hand from working with the mustard seed to a secret recipe using ingredients such as Aspalls Cider Vinegar, Apple Orchard Honey from the Salle Estate and Jarrold Heritage Amber Ale made by Norfolk Brewhouse, to create a mustard generations can enjoy.

“Thanks to the passion Norfolk has for its mustard we have grown and developed to become the largest independent mustard manufacturer the East of England,” said Ed.

Mustard is not the only product Ed is making for Jarrold. His company Montys, which he set up with his mum Sarah Savage in 2017 also makes a plethora of other condiments and chutneys, and has developed the Jarrold Norfolk Chilli, Tomato and Red Pepper Ketchup. The chillis, tomatoes and red peppers used in the sauce are grown at Salle Farm.

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