Gait Analysis

Whether you're just starting out or already have a marathon or two under your belt, Jarrold Intersports in-store running gait analysis service can help you find the perfect running shoe.

Many of the painful foot and knee injuries experienced by runners are caused wearing the wrong running shoe. Using gait analysis we are able to gauge levels of pronation or 'rolling in' of the ankles and from this, recommend the right type of shoe to fit the specific requirements of the runner.

How is the analysis carried out?
By taking a short, six second video clip of you running on our treadmill, we can analyse the movement of the foot frame by frame and establish the level of support required. This can be repeated showing the effects of the support and stability offered by different types of running shoe.

Our running gait analysis service is free of charge and available to all Jarrold Intersport customers. No appointment is necessary and the analysis may be carried out in bare feet or while wearing your existing running shoes.