Run Club Leader Dom Jarvis

Sales Assistant, Jarrold Intersport

Qualified British Athletics Leader in Running Fitness

What do you love about running?
I love running because it’s simple; no kit is required. Unlike some sports, it’s not time consuming and anyone can do it!

Where do you like to run?
I enjoy running off road as it means I can get out of the city, see the views and breathe in the fresh air of the countryside.

What’s your favourite distance?
10K is my preferred distance because you’re out there long enough to feel like you’ve accomplished something, without taking up too much of your time.

What are you training for?
I’m hoping to enter a half marathon at some point this year. Currently waiting to find the perfect one for me.

What race would you love to enter?
I would love to enter the Rock n Roll half marathon in Las Vegas. It’s 13.1 miles long and held at night, making the views something worth running for.

What’s your favourite running shoe?
I’m currently loving the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 - as it’s just fantastic. Such a lightweight, well cushioned and supportive shoe. What more could you ask for?

What running item, other than trainers, could you not live without?
My TomTom Runner 3 watch. I love being able to track my runs, seeing how I have improved and what I can do to get even faster.

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