Kitchen Scales, Cooking Thermometers & Timers

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At Jarrold we appreciate that need you accuracy in the kitchen, when it comes to trying out new recipes or just cooking old favourite ones. Bearing this in mind, we have a chosen a range of kitchen scales to offer you, based on their reputation for providing precision when you need it. This is why our collection of kitchen scales is mainly supplied by Salter, the leading manufacturer of domestic scales in the UK whose reputation is second to none. Within our selection of kitchen scales, you will find scales that are digital, electronic, or mechanical, all of which are easy to use.

Knowing when the ingredient you are cooking has reached the desired temperature is vital to ensure that it is not overdone, and thus ruining the recipe. This is why we offer a range of specialist cooking thermometers for you to choose from. Within our range of cooking thermometers, you will find special oven, confectionery and meat thermometers that are easy to use. Our selection of cooking thermometers is supplied by reliable and prestigious brands such as Salter and Kitchen Craft. While the cooking timers that we offer are easy to use and are ideal for helping you keep track of time, should your recipe have multiple different times at once. Discover our range of kitchen scales, thermometers, and timers online or visit us in the lower ground floor of our Norwich department store.