Wedding Gift Registry

Choosing gifts for your wedding list is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning your wedding.

The exclusive Jarrold wedding gift service offers everything you could wish for...

How it works

Once you've registered with us you can compile your list. Enjoy browsing through the store and making your selection. With five floors full of exclusive brands and unique products to choose from, we have literally hundreds of ideas for your list - from everyday essentials to more luxurious or quirky items.

When it's time to notify your guests we will supply you with cards to send out with your invitations, telling your family and friends where your list is held and how it works. Your guest can view and buy online or alternatively they can contact us by phone or visit us in in store where we will be pleased to help them with their selection.

Once your list is up and running there's nothing else you need to do and you can easily keep a check of what has been purchased by checking online or giving us a call.

And then the very best part - taking delivery of all your gifts. We take care of the gift-wrapping and carefully deliver everything to you. You decide at what stage you would like to receive your gifts, whether before or after your celebration and we'll get them to you in one convenient delivery. Delivery is free within Norfolk and North Suffolk.

Our gift to you

We'd like to say congratulations too. After your event we will present you with a Jarrold Gift card to the value of 5% of the total spent on your list, giving you the perfect opportunity to purchase any remaining items.



For further information on any of these services or to register for your gift list please visit Customer Services, floor 2, call 01603 697150 or email