Wired Mama

Designed, manufactured and packaged from our home in Norfolk

About Wired Mama

Sophie's background is in Fashion and Textiles, after Graduating University she launched her career and business manufacturing and designing wedding dresses under her own label.

Once married herself children followed quickly and the decision was made to embrace motherhood, pushing the creative career to the side while the children were young. However creative minds never stop and after ordering some wire to create an addition to the children's advent calendar and concluding that it wasn't going to work. The leftover wire slowly got created into name tags for Christmas presents. "I had all of this wire sitting there doing nothing, and that was when I started to create words from it."

From here came Wired Mama, Sophie enjoyed being able to create with the flexibility that she needed to fit in around her family. "The response to my artwork has truly been incredible and I am grateful for every single order."


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