Tom Ford Boys & Girls


50 Boys meet 50 Girls. TOM FORD introduces 50 Girls to his celebrated LIPS & BOYS COLLECTION. Named after women he admires, from intimates to collaborators from around the world, the limited edition collection debuts in clutch-sized, ivory and gold packaging.

Designed to be worn on their own or layered with one another, each transforming colour and finish amplifies a woman or man’s individuality while inciting an insatiable desire to try more than one. From LIP COLOR Sheer in Lisa, Carine and Amber to ULTRA-RICH LIP COLOR in Emma, Grace and Sasha, There’s a shade and finish for every Girl. BOYS & GIRLS introduces six cream shades of Boys. Meet Alain, Charles, Conner, Federico, Magnus and Warren, showcased in a sleek, clutch-sized mahogany and gold case. The decadent wardrobe of rich, specially treated pigments are blended to deliver pure colour in ULTRA-KISSABLE matte, cream and metallic finishes.

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