The Chemist's Daughter

The Chemists’s Daughter naturally evolved out of a desire to live a life with less plastic; a life that seeks to be more sustainable and less damaging to the planet, without sacrificing beautiful yet simple design qualities. 

The Chemists Daughter

About The Chemist's Daughter

Established here in Norwich in 2018, Hannah’s initial aim was simply to create some items for her own home that offered plastic-free alternatives to traditionally disposable goods, from cotton wool pads to cling film. However, this quickly grew into a full-time venture as demand for these products clearly lay outside of her own home too.

With a degree in product design and a ten year career in digital design, not to mention a lifelong need to constantly be creating something with her hands, all aspects of Hannah’s experience contribute to the development of each product. Every stage of the product lifecycle is carefully considered, including sourcing of materials, reducing waste during making, the elimination of plastic, timeless aesthetics, and ultimately, disposal. Goods focus on reuse and durability, and aim to provide a more eco-conscious home and lifestyle.

Every product is hand made by Hannah herself, in her Norwich studio, where she screen prints, sews and designs, along with all of the other skills required to create the range of goods that The Chemist’s Daughter offers.

In case you were wondering, yes, she is the daughter of a chemist.


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