Speedo have long been the standard by which all swimwear is measured. For years they have provided a range of swimwear for leisure and competitive use that has been used in pools, rivers and oceans around the world. Their range comes in all shapes and sizes to encourage everyone to get in the water and swim.

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More About Speedo

Speedo is the world’s leading swimwear brand. Since 1928, Speedo has been at the forefront of swimwear technology, inventing the first non-wool swimsuit. At Speedo, they are passionate about swimming regardless whether it is professional or just casual. Speedo is motivated by giving you the confidence to swim and for you to improve your swimming technique but above all that you enjoy your swim in the first place. The mark of the quality of Speedo swimwear is seen in the fact that at the London Olympics, 57% of all swimming medals were awarded to swimmers wearing Speedo including the record breaking Olympian Michael Phelps. We stock a wide range of Speedo swimwear in our Norwich store including swimsuits, goggles and swim caps.

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