Sabatier Knives

An essential feature of any kitchen, Sabatier knives are renowned for their superior stainless steel blades that help make food preparation a breeze. Designed to be easy to use and hold, Sabatier provides you with superior comfort and performance time after time!

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More About Sabatier Knives 

Sabatier knives are renowned as being the professional knife of choice for chiefs, butchers as well as cooks. What separates Sabatier knives from their competitors is the unique shape of their blades, with a handle designed for ease of use which combined provides for a light weight, giving you a perfect balance between blade and handle. As Sabatier seeks to give you pleasure and comfort when you use their knives, any new design is tested to see how it provides for you better corrosion resistant as well as cutting performance. As a long established French brand, Sabatier knives have earned a reputation for offering quality with no concessions. We stock a range of Sabatier knives in our Norwich store including cooks knives, bread knives and a Sabatier knife black.

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