Pretty Cactus Plants

Independently Owned Plant Shop Selling  Houseplants & Cacti.

About The Owner

Donna is the owner of Pretty Cactus Plants, and independent plant shop based in Brooke, South Norfolk.

Donna is a Norfolk girl, born and raised. Donna lives in South Norfolk with her Husband, family and dog, Rex. Rex has become insta famous as he regularly features in the Pretty Cactus Plants Instagram stories, and he occasionally makes a guest appearance in store too.

The shop came to life in 2018 When Donna decided to turn her passion into her career, and step away from her corporate desk and started to start up her own shop.

Donna had always had the idea of running her own shop one day, but not necessarily for plants. But on moving house in 2017, and having to rent a truck JUST for the houseplants, Donna decided to start selling some home grown plants at Craft Fayres and Country Markets. It became such a success that it grew into the shop and website we see today.

About The Brand

Donna loves talking all things plants with friends, family and customers. Many customers comment on how they will now only buy plants from Pretty Cactus Plants as they love the expert knowledge and plant care that Donna and the team at Pretty Cactus plants offers.

The shop has become an inspirational hub for new plant parents to start their plant journey, as well as complete plant gurus who love seeing all the different way to display plants. What also draws customers back time-and-time again is the unique range of plants on offer. Donna and the team always strive to source plants which are different to those you could pick up in a DIY Store or Garden Centre.


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