Millie's Natural Soaps

Millie lives in South Norfolk with her family and makes natural soaps by hand (they are genuinely homemade).
She uses only the best and most natural ingredients and also use compostable packaging which is beneficial to the environment

A Word From The Owner

My brand is ‘Millie’s Natural Soaps’ and my soaps are made with top quality ingredients which include shea butter and coconut oil.
I make my soaps avoiding chemicals such as fragrance oils, perfumes or dyes.
They are enriched with natural essential oils and any colourings are also natural and such as French pink clay, spinach (green), cocoa (brown), paprika (orange), turmeric (yellow).

There is no palm oil, no plastic and only natural plant based ingredients.
I currently have a range of 16 different soaps, and all are approved by the Cosmetic Industry and registered with the UK Government.

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