Hard to Find Lego

 Shop our collection of exclusive Hard to Find Lego sets. Build some of the best Lego construction sets of 2020 and display them as treasured collectables. Challenge or treat yourself to the most exclusive kits including, the ultimate Lego Star Wars, the magical Lego Harry Potter or the innovative Lego Technic.

Facts about Lego Hard to Find sets

Hard to Find is the name of the limited edition ranges of Lego which are generally the most collectable sets.  These Lego sets are generally the most difficult sets to build and can be quite rare.  The Hard to Find Lego sets include cars and vehicles and in the past included double decker London busses, James Bond's Aston Martin and a Volkswagen Beetle van.  The Hard to Find range is aimed at older children or adults.  Some of the sets such as the Star Wars Millenium Falcon have over 7500 pieces which make them extremely challenging.  If you like a challenge then these sets will certainly test you.  

Some of themes which Lego have added to this range include buildings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and other popular culture tie ins.

Lego Hard to Find sets quite often tie in with some nostalgic or trending tv shows.  Recently there have been Lego Friends, Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and James Bond.

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