Kulture Tonic

Made with love and care from Emanuelle Andrade in Norfolk, ‘Kulture Tonic’ is a healthy hand-crafted Kombucha drink made from an ancient recipe with fermented live tea. 

About Kulture Tonic

Emmanuelle, who grew up in the Amazon - Brazil, has many memories creating homemade remedies with her mother and grandmother. She has taken her love of a healthy lifestyle and passion to live a nutritionally packed life by launching her new organic drinks business, Kulture Tonic. 

The Kombucha

The pro-biotic is a non-alcoholic drink has a gentle fizz and it is currently available in four great tasting flavours, original, lemon and ginger, hibiscus and ginger and raspberry.

Kulture Tonic is a zesty drink packed with friendly ‘good’ bacteria, yeasts, organic amino acids and vitamins to balance your gut health and improve digestion.

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