Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist believe that caring for skin starts with caring about skin health. Strange you might think for a beauty company to talk about health? Beautiful skin starts with energetic skin vitality which is inextricably linked to skin health. Using an integrated scientific approach of nutrition, dermatology, pharmacology and genetics we optimise the biological functions within the body which regulate the aging process of the skin.

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Founded by brothers Keston and Jeremy Muijs, with over twenty years of formulation research and product development experience, Grown Alchemist is leading the way as a new generation of biological beauty with an extensive range of advanced skincare, haircare, and beauty supplements. Grown Alchemist understand that achieving your best skin begins with health, making the link between optimal biological function and beautiful skin. As a brand we go beyond the singular approach to beauty, creating a holistic approach to youthful skin connecting nutrition, dermatology, pharmacology, and genetics to biologically optimise the skin aging process.

Grown Alchemist products and ingredients are not tested on animals. Product packaging is made from glass and hardened premium PET plastic, one of the world’s most recycled materials and also the most non-leaching and inert. This type of packaging ensures the product remains as healthy and powerful as the day it was created.

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