Form Norfolk

Modern statement jewellery in recycled cotton cord & reclaimed leather. Handmade in Norfolk

About Form Norfolk

Form Norfolk makes contemporary statement jewellery and headbands using recycled cotton cord which is knotted and formed into different styles. Each piece is handmade to order in Norfolk by Anna in her home studio.

Anna has always been creative and loves making and upcycling things, so during lockdown, like many others, she found herself with more time on her hands and more time to be creative.

Anna began by making jewellery for herself and after much encouragement from friends and family, began selling them online and Form Norfolk was born.


About Form Norfolk's Jewelry

Although the pieces are big and bold, they are surprisingly lightweight and soft, making them comfortable to wear and a great edition to a wardrobe to pull an outfit together.

All the packaging is hand-stamped by Anna as she loves the look it gives “the packaging is very similar to how I’ve been personally wrapping gifts for years, with brown papers and butchers string, so in some ways, the brand feels like an extension of me really".

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