Flair Toys 

Flair toys are renowned for their high quality, longevity and enormous play value that they offer. Established in 1999, Flair has become one of the UK’s Top Ten companies, developing a range of well known toy brands.

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More About Flair Toys 

Among the range of toys that Flair offers is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who we sell a selection of, which gives you the chance to recreate their battles in the sewers of New York. Another popular range of Flair toys is Tree Fu Tom from CBeebies, whom we also sell in our Norwich store, so now your little ones can recreate Treetopolis in your own home. Flair toys have picked up a number of awards including from the Mums’ Choice Awards as well as being named Toy Company of the Year in 2009. We stock a wide range of Flair toys in our Norwich store including magazine makers, shaker makers as well as the aforementioned toys.

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