Emporium Norwich

Based in Norwich, Marcela Da Costa is a chocolatier and founder of Emporium Norwich, turning the brigadeiro into a special and delicate treat.

About Emporium Norwich

We are a small family business with the desire to bring something from our childhood memories to Norfolk, land that welcomed us. But we gave our own extra touch, turning the brigadeiro into a special and delicate treat.

Our mission is to provide people with happier moments, making them have a real and unforgettable gastronomic experience, bringing the unique flavour to our customers' palates, with constant quality and cherishing excellence in service.

We believe faithfully in those values: Ethics, Food Safety, Quality, Credibility, Loyalty, Respect, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

What is brigadeiro?

Brigadeiro (BREE-GAH-DAY-RO) is a traditional Brazilian style artisanal chocolate confectionery with a creamy, rich and indulgent texture. They are made of condensed milk, fresh cream, butter and chocolate.


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