David Flower 

My work is all about using the material to its best advantage, employing classical forms and gently sculpted shapes in the hope of conveying my simple love of my craft.

About David Flower

I am inspired by my surroundings and try to put across a feeling of a subject rather than a direct representation.
The Hydrangea series of pieces was inspired by a walk through the Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds, the hydrangea were fading and in their passing they had such elegance with their delicate muted tones.

Coral Sea, despite its title implying foreign climes, is informed by my wandering around the Norfolk coast, the brooding seas of Happisburgh and Covehithe, cloaked above by sea fret.

Gemini is just about me, the two faces of a Gemini character, this range is achingly bright with transparent reds and yellows when placed in a sunny window and then, when placed away from direct light the pieces become opaque with deep turquoise over burnt umber. My work is a celebration of place, it is my tribute to East Anglia, my chosen home county.

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