Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Collection





“This makeup is a euphoric joy filter that makes your face happy!” Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Artist to the Stars, is often referred to as The Queen of Glow. She has a lifelong passion for the transformative, magical powers of light, glow and radiance on the complexion, body and mind– she knows MAGIC GLOW! This year, Charlotte is bringing a new level of glow with a new collection for your most joyful self yet... get ready to LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD!

“Darlings, you’ve asked for more glow, and I am giving it to you! This is what I call a euphoric joy-filter for the eyes, cheeks and lips!!

Glowgasm is going to LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD! With this range, I’ve been inspired with this dreamy, emotive light that flatters the skin!

The kind of light dreams are made of! I wanted to create beautifying glow that literally puts a crystal- like light and energy onto the complexion... into the eyes, and onto the skin!

I was really inspired by the sensual sensation of light cascading through a crystal sitting in a window, that beatific rainbow that makes everything look otherworldly beautiful! The kind of soft- silken, sun-beams-bottled glow that exists in fairy-tales, and the best kind of memories!!” Charlotte Tilbury

Available Instore and Online at Jarrolds.

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