Founded in 1875, in Lyon, France, Babolat is the oldest racquet sports company in the world. Babolat products include racquets, strings, shoes, balls, shuttlecocks, bags, apparel, accessories, and are designed and developed to allow every player to express their game.

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More About Babolat

Babolat and tennis are interlocked with each other; Babolat invented racket string the year after the official invention of modern lawn tennis in 1874. During this time Babolat have sought ways to improve how the game of tennis is played by continuously observing and analysing how the game is played. This commitment Babolat has shown towards tennis has seen it become the natural choice of many Wimbledon Champions, including Pete Sampras and Rafael Nadal, over the years. Within our collection of Babolat tennis products you will be able to find tennis rackets, tennis bags, tennis shoes and clothing for men and women alike. Discover our range of Babolat tennis items online or visit us in store at Pilch Sport, Norfolk’s leading independent sports retailer.  

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