Aqua Manda

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Aqua Manda perfume is back! Aqua Manda perfume was as much as the backdrop of the late 60’s and early 70’s era as the music and the fashion were, but then disappeared from stores. After a campaign to bring back Aqua Manda proved to be successful, approval from the original makers of Aqua Manda perfume was sought and granted. Aqua Manda remains true to the original, right to its iconic packaging that suggests oranges and flowers. Now it is back Aqua Manda provides you the perfect opportunity to either indulge in nostalgia or to discover the fragrance of the era for the first time. All of Aqua Manda products are made and packed in England. We stock a selection of Aqua Manda at our Norwich store including body powder, and of course the Aqua Manda perfume.