An Evening with Nick Knowles

Thursday 19 January, 6.30pm
The Pantry Restaurant, floor 3

Tickets £7 and available from Customer Services, floor 2 and online.
Tickets include a glass of wine on arrival and £5 off the book on the evening.

Best known for building homes on DIY SOS, or testing general knowledge on Who Dares Wins, Nick Knowles has now turned his hand to nutrition and wellbeing,  following his life-changing BBC2 series The Retreat and introduces his cook book 'Proper Healthy Food'.

In 2015, Nick was feeling unhealthy, out of shape and on the verge of burning out. Determined to change his lifestyle, he travelled to Thailand with a camera crew and fellow DIY SOS stars Billy Byrne and Julian Perryman for a detox, involving a week-long fast followed by a purely vegan diet.
The results? He lost 9 kilos in 3 weeks, his cholesterol fell by a third and his blood pressure dropped to a healthy level.

A year on, Nick eats a vegan or vegetarian diet, with the odd day off, and is slimmer, healthier and fitter than ever. Now, he is on a mission to help everyone discover the joy in a meat-free meal – without having to give up a Sunday Roast at the in-laws or a bacon buttie at the footie.

Nick says ‘I’m 6’2” and 16 stone: I’m a big unit. I need hearty meals, not thin weedy plates and I often work outside in cold and wet conditions – a salad won’t cut it – so here’s a vegan and vegetarian cookbook for meat eaters full of hearty, filling, healthy recipes. Why feel bad about the cake you have with your coffee at elevenses when you can have a healthy raw chocolate cake? Why skimp in winter when you can have a thick hearty chestnut and vegetable stew and dumplings? And if I can do it – then you can do it.’


About Nick Knowles

Nick Knowles was born in London and raised in Southall. Before discovering his passion for writing, directing and presenting TV, he briefly pursued careers in rugby, music and acting. Nick started his TV career at the BBC in London in the Documentary Features department. He then spent two years in Australia working for WIN TV channel 4 news room. He travelled to America to work in news in Phoenix Arizona before returning to the UK and to the ITV TVS newsroom in Maidstone. Later he moved to the newsroom of Meridian Broadcasting as Production Editor and reporter.
Nick has presented a variety of programmes, proving himself to be a versatile presenter on shows such as Who Dares Wins, Perfection, 5’s Company, Straight Up, The Great Escape, City Hospital, Find a Fortune and Holidaymaker before appearing on BBC’s hit show DIY SOS which has been consistently the most popular factual programme on TV. In April he released his first feature-length film, Golden Years, starring Simon Callow, Bernard Hill, Virginia McKenna, Sue Johnston, Phil Davies, Una Stubbs and Brad Moore. The Retreat, which saw Nick attend a 28-day Thailand retreat with fellow DIY SOS stars Billy Byrne and Julian Perryman, aired on BBC2 in September 2016. It marked a turning point for Nick, and as well as publishing Proper Healthy Food, he is now a co-owner of a vegetarian restaurant in Shropshire.