Finding Black Beauty with Lou Kuenzler

Saturday 26 August, 1.30pm
Books, lower ground


We are pleased to be joined by Children’s author Lou Kuenzler on Saturday 26 August, who will be signing and reading from her book, Finding Black Beauty, a reimagining of Anna Sewell’s classic Black Beauty.

This is the other side of the classic horse story Black Beauty.

A sweeping tale of a young girl and her love for a horse, and the circumstances that divide them. This story is told from the young girl's perspective. Aspiring groom Josie disguises herself as a boy to become a groom and comes to love Beauty.

When they are separated she travels to London to find him – on the way solving the mystery of her long-lost mother.



140th Anniversary Black Beauty

From Sunday 23 July 2017 to Thursday 31 August 2017 

To celebrate the 140th anniversary of the publication of Black Beauty by Jarrold & Sons dive into our Black Beauty themed events store, including competitions, Woodeforde’s Black Beauty Beer in the Deli, and a Special Afternoon Tea during August in Benjis in-store restaurant.

See an exhibition of Cecil Aldin: The Art of Black Beauty at The Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell 

From the Jarrold Edit


Jarrold loves...the 140th anniversary of Black Beauty


In 1877 Jarrold & Sons printed the children’s classic Black Beauty. As the book marks its 140th anniversary this year, you can join us for special events instore and city wide.

The story of Black Beauty is known across the generations, such is the tale, told from the perspective of the horse, that has enthralled children of all ages for over 14 decades – and made it a 50 million bestseller.

And the story behind the publication of the book is also captivating.

It was at Jarrold & Sons that the words of local author Anna Sewell were brought to life, as the first publication of the novel was printed here.

In 1912, a new edition was printed and for this Jarrold & Sons commissioned British artist Cecil Aldin, famous for his fine equestrian art, to produce a series of 18 watercolours to illustrate this new edition of the book. The watercolours lay undiscovered for years, and then one day in 1982 the magical illustrations were found by the Jarrold family, carefully stored in a box. The watercolours were framed and exhibited, but only for a short time as the paintings need to be protected to preserve the vibrant colours.


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