An Evening with Stephen McGann

Thursday 10 August, 6.30pm
The Pantry Restaurant, floor 3

Tickets £7, available from Customer services, floor 2 or
Includes £5 off when you purchase the book on the evening.


We’re delighted to welcome the actor Stephen McGann, member of one of the UK’s best-known acting families and probably best known himself as Dr. Patrick Turner in Call the Midwife. Stephen’s new book Flesh and Blood is the story of the McGann family as told through seven maladies – diseases, wounds or ailments that have afflicted Stephen’s relatives over the last century and a half and which have helped mould Stephen into the person he is today.

Stephen’s family survived famine-ravaged Ireland in the 1850s. His ancestors settled in poverty-rife Victorian Liverpool, working to survive and thrive. Some of them became soldiers serving in Gallipoli and on the Western Front. One would be the last man to step off the SS Titanic as it sank beneath the waves and he would testify at the inquest. This is the McGann family’s fascinating story.



Chris Rushby, Book Buyer/Manager says...

Who isn’t a Call The Midwife fan?! We’re delighted to be hosting an evening with the actor Stephen McGann, probably best known for playing the part of Dr Turner in that popular series (and did you know that Heidi Thomas, Stephen’s wife, is a screenwriter and in fact the creator of Call The Midwife?). Stephen is famously part of a family acting dynasty with his brothers Joe, Paul and Mark. What’s probably less well known about him is his passion for science and medicine: he has a master’s degree from Imperial College London in science communication and has published learned articles on the subject in medical journals. We’re much looking forward to hearing from Stephen about his new book Flesh And Blood, part family memoir and part historical detective work in the spirit of the BBC Who Do You Think You Are TV series: Stephen looks back at scenes from his own life and those of some of his  ancestors to show how illnesses and maladies helped to shape the story of the person he is today.