Thursday 12 January, 6.30 for 7pm

Tickets £5, available online and in store at Customer Services. floor 2

We’re delighted to welcome award-winning and best-selling crime novelist Peter May to Norwich for the very first time, on this the day of publication of his latest novel, Cast Iron. Peter May, the author of the top 3 Sunday Times bestsellers The Blackhouse,  Entry Island and Coffin Road and the bestselling Lewis Trilogy, comes a welcome addition to the Enzo Detective series ‘Cast Iron’.

Peter’s career includes successful screenwriting for TV, but it’s as a novelist - particularly in the crime genre - that he’s best known.
His Lewis Trilogy has been massively popular, as have the French-set Enzo Files, with Cast Iron set to be the sixth of the series centred on the work of half-Italian, half-Scottish Enzo Macleod.  

Join us in welcoming Peter to Jarrolds to hear all about his career in general and this splendid new book in particular. We're delighted that Peter will be interviewed by Mustard TV's Beth Davison, presenter of Mustard's regular book programme, Beth's Book Club. 

About the Book

In the 1980s, a murderer dumped the body of much cherished twenty year old Lucie Martin, only daughter of a well known judge, into a lake in the West of France. To her family she disappeared without trace, leaving them bereft. It took fourteen years and a drought within a summer heat wave to expose her remains – bleached bones starkly laid to rest in the dry mud.

No one was ever convicted of her murder and Lucie’s father, now elderly, seeks out forensic expert, Enzo Macleod to review the stone cold case.  It is the toughest of those Enzo has been challenged to solve so far. Yet when Enzo finds a flaw in the original evidence surrounding Lucie’s murder, he opens a box of worms that not only raises old ghosts but endangers his entire family.


About Peter May

Peter May was an award-winning journalist at the age of just twenty-one. He left newspapers for television and screenwriting, creating three prime-time British drama series and accruing more than 1,000 television credits. Peter May's novel, Entry Island, was a top 3 Sunday Times bestseller. He is published in 30 countries and has sold several million copies worldwide. The Lewis Trilogy has sold over 5 million copies in the UK alone. Peter has won numerous awards. In 2013 he won the ‘Best Crime Novel Award’ for ‘The Blackhouse’ at Bouchercon in the US. In September, ‘Entry Island’ won the Deanston Crime Book of the Year and in October 2014 it won the Specsavers ITV3 Crime Thriller Book Club Best Read Award.  His two further novels ‘Runaway’ (2015) and ‘Coffin Road’ (2016) also went into the Sunday Times bestseller chart at no.3.