An Evening with Frances and Michael Holmes

Thursday 3 August, 6.30pm
The Pantry Restaurant, floor 3

We’re delighted to invite you to join Frances and Michael Holmes for a trip down memory lane.
They will bring back a time when, after years of war, the City was rebuilt and regenerated; when City workers made shoes and chocolate and the streets were dominated by bicycles not cars and when Teddy boys added colour to the City and youngsters danced the night away at the Samson & Hercules and the Lido.

This is a trip which will take you from the rationing of the post-war years to a time when we ‘never had it so good’.

Tickets £5, available online or instore at Customer Services, floor 2
Includes a glass of wine and £3 off when you purchase the book on the evening.

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Guest post: Francis and Michael Holmes


Ahead of the official launch of their new book - Norwich 1945-1960: A Journey from Austerity to Prosperity, authors Frances and Michael Holmes explain why heritage is so important

We are excited to stock your new book Norwich 1945 to 1960 – A Journey from Austerity to Prosperity after your previous books were well received – what’s the premise behind this new book?

The basis of the book is that the 15 years following the end of WWII was a time of great change when the City was rebuilt and reinvigorated after years of war.

The premise of the book is that to bring this period alive you can’t just examine text books, you need to hear from people who lived here at the time, read the stories that headlined in the EDP and EEN and collate photographs. From these source you really learn what the era was like.  For example: How did young men feel when they were called up to national service? What was it like working at Caleys chocolate factory? What was discipline like? Where did teenagers hang out?

The aim was to produce a book that really brings the era to life. We are pleased to say that already people ‘of a certain’ age, tell us they are finding the book ‘addictive’.


Why did you pick this era in particular?

When we researched our previous books, in particularly The Story of the Boot and Shoe Trade, we came to realise that this immediate post-war period was fascinating and was a brilliant subject to research further. In these 15 years as Norwich was rebuilt and recovered after the war, it was very clearly on a journey, but more than that, the City was very different to what it is today. When we talked to people about the era they had clear memories of a manufacturing city, of swathes of bikes in the streets, of dancing in the City’s ballrooms and of childhood visits to the Cattle Market and Cinema on a Saturday…and the list goes on.