An Evening with Christopher Fowler

Thursday 12 October, 6.30pm
Books, lower ground

Join us as we welcome Christopher Fowler, acclaimed author of the Bryant & May mystery novels, as we celebrate the release of his latest works, The Book of Forgotten Authors.
So begins Fowler’s foray into the back catalogues and backstories of 99 authors who, once hugely popular, have all but disappeared from our shelves.
Fowler, as well as remembering their careers, lifts the lid on their lives, and why they often stopped writing or disappeared from the public eye.

Tickets £5, available from Customer services, floor 2 or online.
Includes a glass of wine and £5 off when you purchase the book on the evening.


Chris Rushby, Book Buyer/Manager says...

"Christopher Fowler is a singular writer and a singular man: he has published over 45 novels and short story collections, including the acclaimed Bryant & May detective stories. He has written comedy and drama for the BBC, columns for the national press, graphic novels, the play ‘Celebrity’ and the ‘War Of The Worlds’ videogame for Paramount, starring Sir Patrick Stewart. He has released a (by his own admission) terrible Christmas single, been a male model and run a night club. He divides his time between London's and Barcelona. Now he has written The Book Of Forgotten Authors, a look at 99 writers who were once massively popular and are now largely forgotten. From Barbara Pym to Thomas Love Peacock this is a fascinating list and when you find in there that author you haven’t forgotten – and have got over your irritation at their inclusion - the book will inevitably send you back to writers you’ve forgotten about, but remember with great affection. This will be a fascinating evening."

About the author...

A typical example of the late 20th century midlist author, Christopher Fowler was born in the less attractive part of Greenwich in 1953, the son of a scientist and a legal secretary. He went to a London Guild school, Colfe's, where, avoiding rugby by hiding in the school library, he was able to begin plagiarising in earnest.

He published his first novel, Roofworld, described as 'unclassifiable', while working as an advertising copywriter. He left to form The Creative Partnership, a company that changed the face of film marketing, and spent many years working in film, creating movie posters, tag lines, trailers and documentaries, using his friendship with Jude Law to get into nightclubs.

During this time Fowler achieved several pathetic schoolboy fantasies, releasing an appalling Christmas pop single, becoming a male model, posing as the villain in a Batman comic, creating a stage show, writing rubbish in Hollywood, running a night club, appearing in the Pan Books of Horror and standing in for James Bond.

Now the author of over forty novels and short story collections, including his award-winning memoir Paperboy and its sequel Film Freak, he writes the Bryant & May mystery novels, recording the adventures of two Golden Age detectives in modern-day London.

In 2015 he won the CWA Dagger In The Library award for his detective series, once described by his former publisher as 'unsaleable'.
Fowler is still alive and one day plans to realise his ambition to become a Forgotten Author himself.