Run Club Leader Tom Samuels

Sales Assistant, Pilch Sport

Qualified British Athletics Leader in Running Fitness

What do you love about running?
I find that running is one of the only times that I get the chance to self-reflect. It is a useful place to escape your thoughts and the noise of life.

Where do you like to run?
Whittingham Lane is a great place with few cars and a nice, smooth long road and beautiful views. However my favourite place to run would be back home in Southwold along the beach, harbour and common.

What’s your favourite distance?
I would say 10k to half marathon distance gives me enough distance to push myself but not take up too much of my day.

What do you need to work on?
Stretches and warm ups. I always just want to get straight out of the door but it would be useful to always warm up and stretch properly.

What are you training for?
I’m currently in training for the Norwich Half marathon.

What race would you love to enter?
It’s a bit of a cliché but the London Marathon. The support looks amazing and the race has such great heritage.

What’s your favourite running shoe?
The Cloud by Swiss running brand ON. The light weight shoe feels like I am barely wearing anything, whilst there is still just enough cushioning to make it comfortable while running.

What running item, other than trainers, could you not live without?
My TomTom Adventurer running watch. Being a bit competitive it means that I can track my own progress and see how I am getting on against others.