TK Synergy S4 Hockey Stick

TK Synergy S4 Hockey Stick
TK Synergy S4 Hockey Stick
Product code: TKS4 2016 
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The TK Synergy S4 has been designed to deliver unparalleled performance on the hockey pitch.

Evenly balanced with a 25mm bow, this senior composite stick aids dynamic ball control and enhances multi-directional dribbling skills, along with drag flicking and aerial passing.

SCM Sheepfoot Compression Moulding introduces side wall and pneumatic pressure during the construction process, removing any trace of micro air bubbles from the composite matrix and increasing bulk density and mass for maximum strength.

Carbon Straight Bar Reinforcement increases rigidity, and RLP Reactive Liquid Polymer technology added to the stick’s fibre matrix dramatically improves durability by creating a tough barrier to reduce the risk of damage.

Colours Available:

  • Sky/Lime


  • Construction: 50% carbon, 40% glassfibre, 10% aramid
  • 25mm late bow
  • Carbon Straight Bar Reinforcement
  • Reactive Liquid Polymer technology
  • SCM Sheepfoot Compression Moulding