Grays GX 2000 Hockey Stick - White Orange

Grays GX 2000 Hockey Stick - White Orange
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The Grays GX 2000 has a high fibreglass content to deliver extra power and durability.

This classically-shaped composite hockey stick is suitable for players of all abilities, from those at the height of their game to newcomers trying their hand at the sport for the first time.

Specially formulated fibre matrix construction is layered along the important areas of handle, blade and head to create individual playing characteristics, in a senior hockey stick designed for power, performance and playability.

Colours Available:

  • White/Orange

Size Guide:                                              

  • Length: 36.5L
  • Length: 36.5M


  • Construction: Carbon, aramid and fibreglass reinforcements
  • Standard handle construction
  • Traction Hi-Soft grip
  • Carbon X Edge protection
  • Carbon X heel protection
  • Maxi headshape
  • Standard head face
  • Power rating: Stiff
  • Standard blade profile
  • Curve location: 300mm
  • Height of bow: 20mm
  • New updated graphics
  • High fibreglass content
  • Gloss finish