Gunn & Moore Purist Geo Helmet

Gunn & Moore Purist Geo Helmet
Gunn & Moore Purist Geo Helmet
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The Gunn & Moore Purist Geo Helmet features the latest Geo steel grille for optimal impact resistance from all frontal directions.

A revised version of the most demanded cricket helmet on the market, the technically advanced Purist Geo has a rigid, high-impact outer designed to withstand great force.

An improved peak design and the precisely fitted grille greatly reduce risk of the ball penetrating the gap, and geodesic curvature of the bars provides extra strength.

A dial adjuster band facilitates easy fitting and removal.

Colours Available:

  • Navy


  • Rigid, high-impact outer shell
  • Ultra-strong Geo steel grille
  • Geodesic bar curvature
  • Improved peak strength
  • Dial adjuster band
  • Contemporary finish
  • EPS liner
  • Complies with BS7928:2013