Tower Xtreme Pro Cream

Tower Xtreme Pro Cream
Tower Xtreme Pro Cream
Tower Xtreme Pro Cream
Product code: T12020C 

Chopping, blending, pulverising and grinding, the Tower Xtreme Pro can handle it all with ease and speed. This impressive multi-blender effortlessly pulverises fruit + vegetables and bursts open seeds and cracks through stems, so you can enjoy healthy smoothies, home-made soups and dips. Its stainless steel patented blade can blend ice and frozen fruit in seconds for fantastic fresh ice cream and cool smoothies.

The 4 piece juice extractor combined with the 2 piece shaker and a choice of two cups means you'll be able to quickly and efficiently concoct smoothies for consumption on the go.

Power: 1200W
Stainless steel patented blade
30000 RPM blades
Capacity: 2 Ltrs
Cup Capacity: 800ml Each
Blend ice
Cyclonic action
1x Tall Cup
1x Short Cup
1 Storage Lid
1 Personal Lid
Manufacturer warranty