GreenPan Venice Ceramic Non-Stick Anodised 24cm Pancake Pan

GreenPan Venice Ceramic Non-Stick Anodised 24cm Pancake Pan
Product code: CW001462-002 

This excellent Crepe Pan from the Greenpan Venice range combines the exceptional features of their iconic ceramic Thermolon Non-Stick coating with a Hard Anodised exterior for superb, even heat distribution, so you can be sure of wonderful crispy cooking, simply and evenly across the pan. Its superb non-stick qualities ensure easy food release, perfect for tossing pancakes as well as easy cleaning. The Venice collection has an elegant design and demonstrates quality in every detail. Featuring a heavy gauge hard anodised aluminium body giving extra strength to the pan and ergonomic riveted stainless steel handles for energy saving cooking.

GreenPans natural Thermolon non-stick coating provides perfect heat distribution offering you even cooking and excellent browning, without the risk of any hot spots. Each product in the collection is designed with care and is provided with Thermolon non-stick coating, giving you the best cooking pleasure in the kitchen. The added bonus of GreenPan Thermolon technology is the coating acts like an insulator that retains heat, moisture and flavours. These are sealed in and give you great results when cooking your food.

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Trimmed edges protecting your pan from potential rim damage, keeping them flawless.
Hard Anodized Exterior
Thermolon™ Marathon Non-Stick Interior
Ergonomic Oven Safe Hollow Stainless Steel Riveted Handle
Extra Thick Base
Manufactured without PFOA, contains no lead or cadmium
Suitable for all hobs including Induction Hobs
Greenpan Manufacturer Warranty

Heat-resistant up to high temperatures. So if you overheat your pan, even up to 450C/850F, no potentially harmful fumes will be released and the coating will not blister or peel. Its Thermolon non-stick technology is a natural, non-stick mineral-based coating which means no potentially dangerous chemicals inside: it's completely PTFE-free and contains no silicone oil. GreenPan use of upcycled aluminum for the pan and upcycled stainless steel for the handles.