Burleigh Blue Regal Peacock 22cm Lunch Plate

Burleigh Blue Regal Peacock 22cm Lunch Plate
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Treat your dinner guests as royalty. This deliciously impressive lunch plate will bring a special elegance to the dinner table whatever the occasion. Featuring the magnificent Burleigh Regal Peacock design, based on an Oriental fable its shows the “Birds Congress”, a gathering to elect a King of the Birds. Naturally the Peacock, being the most beautiful, was proclaimed King.

This stunning design has been hand printed from a hand engraved copper plate sculpted over many hours by highly skilled craftsman. Burleigh is the only pottery in the World to continue this traditional and labour intensive method of decoration.

Launched in 1913, this fabulous design caught the eye of Queen Mary who received the first examples of this design. One hundred years later, this noble design was chosen to be presented to HRH the Prince of Wales when his he visited Burleigh’s historic home, Middleport Pottery.

Material: English Earthenware
Dimensions: 22cm (9 inches)