Stolzle Classic White Wine Glass

Stolzle Classic White Wine Glass
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Stolzle Classic White Wine Glass

Elegant and gently curved the narrow bowl keeps temperature low and aromas focused. The narrow rim delivers the flow across the taste buds with a balance of sweetness and acidity crucial to white wines. This heightening of aroma and simple shape matches a variety of whites from dry and fresh to voluptuous and rich such as Chardonnay.

Stolzle White Wine Glass
370 ml / 13 oz
H: 206mm (8") x 78mm (3")
Item sold as singles
Art.: 200 00 02

Stolzle Classic range of glassware is to guarantee optimum performance and appreciation of each beverage in its relevant glass

Stolzle specialise in quality lead-free, crystalline glass. Elegant glassware that has a high breakage and dishwasher resistance. As well as being seamless Stolzle glasses do not have a joint between stem and bowl. Its clear to see with Stolzle you get style, quality and great value for money.