Wild Guide to Southern and Eastern England

Wild Guide to Southern and Eastern England
Wild Guide to Southern and Eastern England
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Wild Guide to Southern and Eastern England - Hidden Places, Great Adventures and the Good Life
Author: Daniel Start, Lucy Grewcock, Elsa Hammond


The Wild Guides (who originally published the bestselling Wild Swimming) are an innovative young publisher and it's a welcome addition to their list that they're now producing a guide that includes the East Anglian region - though it also covers the rest of south-eastern England. From the slightly breathless blurb:

Revealing over 800 secret places, wild adventures and ideas for local food and natural places to stay. Including nationally popular areas such as the broads of Norfolk and Suffolk, the ancient forests of Sussex and Kent, idyllic Cotswolds and the New Forest. Stunning photos, engaging travel writing and 30 maps. Perfect for those seeking new adventures with the family, or dreaming up the ultimate romantic weekend escape. Includes wild swimming rivers, secret beaches, canoeing, ancient woods, lost ruins, sunset hilltops, meadows, wildlife wonders, caves and sacred places. Also includes farmers’ markets, local food, micro-breweries, ancient pubs and places to stay, such as campfire campsites, houseboats, treehouses and shepherd huts.

Publisher: Wild Things Publishing
ISBN: 9781910636008