Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory (Hardback)

Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory (Hardback)
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A unique story set in Tudor times to be told from the perspective of Henry VIII’s older sister Margaret, since in most non-fiction historical texts she largely inhabits the side lines. Jealous, conceited and haughty, Margaret’s unappealing character attributes are hardly improved upon by those inherited from her upbringing: entitled, indulged and spoiled, just like her better-known brother, Henry VIII.

The sisters of the title are her younger sister Mary, and Catherine of Aragon, her sister-in-law through marriage, first to her brother Arthur and then to the aforementioned Henry. Between them these women will become the queens of England, Scotland and France, and will variously unite against their adversaries and divide over the stealing from one another of men and, via their offspring, thrones.

But despite it all, the sisters find their bond to be a constant that is more powerful than the danger and betrayal that weaves through their lives and relationships. Three Sisters, Three Queens is book two in the Tudor Court series of eight, which began with the hugely successful The Other Boleyn Girl in 2001, and Kirkus Reviews succinctly summarises it thus: ‘Gregory’s take on the (largely male-determined) fortunes of three Tudor women is venal, petty, and jaundiced, but never dull.’

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
ISBN: 9781471133015