Jarrold Loves Book Clubs

Recommended ReadsThere are endless possibilities for your club choices, of course, but here are a few suggestions of already-published titles: books I’ve read over the past few months, enjoyed and believe would provide a fascinating evening’s discussion.

Keeping Mum by The Dark Angels CollectiveKeeping Mum by The Dark Angels Collective
Unbound | 9781783520404
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Unbound is essentially a ‘crowd-funded’ publisher: it seeks subscriptions and, if it raises enough money, a project is enabled to come to publication. Here’s one of its successes: a novel written by fifteen different people, each taking the voice of a different character (something I’d guess has never been done in fiction before), each one connected with and musing on the life and death of the ‘mum’ in the title, a woman who dies in a Scottish country house and who’s body is brought back to London by her children. I have to declare an interest here: two of those fifteen authors are friends – but I don’t think I’m being swayed by loyalty here and think this makes a fascinating read. 

Alex by Pierre LemaitreAlex by Pierre Lemaitre
MacLehose Press | 9781782060796
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In Paris a woman has been kidnapped, beaten, and suspended from the ceiling of a warehouse in a wooden cage. Her kidnapper appears only to want to wait for her to die. The police have very little to go on and time is running out. But that’s just the start of a novel that twists and turns so darkly and cleverly that I defy you to predict all those twists successfully. This is a very violent crime novel, I have to warn you, but that violence is in the cause of plot developments that justify those violent scenes. 

Stoner by John Williams and Elizabeth is Missing by Emma HealeyStoner by John Williams
Vintage | 9780099561545
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There’s a fairly good chance your group has already read this book, or at least considered it. If you haven’t, you should: it’s clever and beautiful and heart-breaking, this story of a man whose life, on the face of it, went nowhere. We know, from the beginning of the book that the subject died in relative obscurity and that, really, not much happened in his life. Or at least that’s the starting point, before Williams creates a moving, unforgettable central character in Stoner and chronicles a life perhaps unfulfilled, but not without its moments of transcendence.

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey
Viking | 9780241003503
£12.99 (Jarrold price £9.99)
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Emma Healey is a graduate of the UEA’s school of creative writing and this is her (tremendous) first novel. Maud is getting a bit confused. Her friend Elizabeth is missing and Maud needs to find out what’s happened to her, but she keeps forgetting the things she’s found out and has to start again. In flashback, meanwhile, the younger Maud is coming to terms with another unsolved disappearance which may or may not involve a crime. If you’ve read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time you’ll be familiar with a narrator who knows less about what’s going on than you, the reader. This book is similar: we know Maud is suffering the increasing effects of dementia and it makes her narrative all the more poignant.

All these paperbacks are part of our ‘buy one, get one half price’ offer on selected titles; and, as you see, Emma Healey’s book is discounted to bring it down towards paperback prices. Please feel free to email – or call in to the book department – if you’d like to discuss any of these titles in more detail.

Buying Books from JarroldWe’d love you to buy your book club books (and not just those) from Jarrolds, of course. Here are some reasons why it makes sense:

  • Value: it’s likely that the paperbacks you want to read will be part of our ‘buy one, get one half price’ offer. Even if they’re not, just tell us you’re buying for your club and let us add you to our book club mailing list and we’ll either include the book in the ‘buy one, get one half price’ offer, or if you simply want to buy that one book we’ll give you 20% discount off the recommended price 

  • Loyalty card: ask for one of our Books Loyalty Cards. Every time you spend £10 or more on books we’ll stamp your card; when you get to ten stamps you’ll get £10 off your next purchase. It couldn’t be simpler! - Discover more >

  • Atmosphere: if you visit us on the lower ground floor of Jarrolds you’ll find a group of friendly and helpful booksellers, a great range of books eye-catchingly displayed – and Chapters Coffee Bar where you can get what we’re pretty sure is the best coffee in Norwich.

Author EventsDiscover an exciting and diverse range of forthcoming book and author events here, but here’s a sneak preview (exclusive book club members) of a couple of events not being advertised to the public at present. Tickets will be available in our events listing soon.

  • Book signing by Stephen Fry
    Wednesday 8th October, Jarrold Book Department
    The charismatic, intelligent, funny, Norwich City-loving genius will be making a hugely welcome return to Jarrolds to sign copies of his new volume of autobiography, More Fool Me.

  • Alexander McCall Smith Book Launch
    Wednesday 29th October, Jarrold Book Department
    Join us for an evening with Alexander McCall Smith in conversation with Radio Norfolk's Thordis Fridriksson, which is promised to be an evening of sheer delight.

  • Jarrold author event at the Hostry Festival
    Friday 31st October at the Hostry, Norwich Cathedral 
    Rachel Hore, Henry Sutton, Patrick Barkham and Mick Collins will talk about their writing – and about what Norfolk means to their writing.

One final word on authors: in the past we’ve persuaded authors to come and talk to book clubs about their book, if it’s been a club choice. If you’re reading Dostoyevsky we can’t promise anything, but if you’re reading a book by someone alive and, preferably, reasonably local we might be able to do something. Please feel free to ask.

The Jarrold Book ClubWe aim to meet monthly for a friendly and informal chat about our chosen book, generally on the first Tuesday of the month. Meetings take place in the Café Metro on the lower ground floor, starting at 6pm, with wine and soft drinks available to purchase on the night.

Members get 20% discount off any book purchased on the evening of a club meeting – and at least 20% off the recommended price of any reading title chosen by the club.

Forthcoming meetings:

  • Tuesday 7th October - The Girl Who Saved The King Of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson.
  • Tuesday 4th November - The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

If you would like to come please call 01603 660661 and ask for the Book Department, or ask staff for details.

Prices and availability checked 22 September 2014.