Time Bomb Power Ball

Time Bomb Power Ball
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A super surge of sustainable water to defeat dry, dehydrated, wilted-looking skin. When skin is parched, crinkled, showing a network of fine lines nothing is more important than water, which makes up 64% of cell structure. Powerball floods your skin with a power-house blend of 21 natural hydrating agents that act on every level to refill, lock in and retain water. The key to Powerball's amazing efficacy is Ectoin, a moisture grabbing and hoarding protein that enables organisms to thrive in harsh, arid, desert environments.


  • Refills skin's critical water supply
  • Protects against transdermal evaporation
  • Smoothes, plumps, reduces fine lines
  • Restores soft, moist texture


KEY INGREDIENTS: Ectoin, Trehalose, Hyaluronic Acid, Aqua Cell Complex

USAGE: Apply evenly and liberally, avoiding eye area. Can also be massaged over neck and decollete prior to applying Troubleshooter.