Lancome Hydra Zen NeuroCalm Night Cream 50ml

Lancome Hydra Zen NeuroCalm Night Cream 50ml
Product code: 24046220 

Recharge your skin with moisture every night with Lancome’s moisturising night cream, Hydra Zen Nuit NeuroCalm™.

Our night-time moisture booster soothes skin feel. The hydrating silky smooth night cream will make your skin feel moisturised and refreshed.

Concerns: dehydrated skin
Benefits : soothing

How to apply Hydra Zen Nuit NeuroCalm™
Smooth Hydra Zen Nuit NeuroCalm™ moisturising cream onto cleansed skin, moving from your forehead to your cheeks and chin, working from the middle of the face outwards – finishing off on your T-zone.
Complete your routine by tapping your fingertips lightly over your entire face.