Darphin Light Rebirth Overnight Cream 50ml

Darphin Light Rebirth Overnight Cream 50ml
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Only one night is needed to reveal a glowing skin! This comforting cream contains the LINE POLISH COMPLEX™ technology and is enriched with Neroli Essential Oil, whose relaxing properties help the skin switch into “night mode”, a time when the skin actively works to recover by reactivating its natural cell renewal. This night-time process, the origin of skin’s morning radiance, is supported by two ingredients: N-Acetyl glucosamine and Salicylic acid, which help smooth the skin’s surface. Rested and recharged, the skin appears softer and brighter. Night after night, IDEAL RESOURCE LIGHT RE-BIRTH OVERNIGHT CREAM transforms the skin, leaving it radiant and velvety-soft, beautifully illuminated.

  • Darphin’s Ideal Resource Light re-birth Overnight cream has proven to significantly improve cell renewal rate by an average of 29%*.
  • After just one night, skin radiance has improved by 10%.
  • After 2 months of use: perfectly moisturized, skin’s smoothness has increased by 35%. Skin texture has improved by 33% and lines and wrinkles have reduced by 27%.

    80% of the total ingredients from natural origin.
    Formulated without parabens.
    Dermatologist tested.
    Clinically-proven efficiency.