Bentley For Men Aftershave Balm 100ml

Bentley For Men Aftershave Balm 100ml
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Bentley For Menss top notes offer an exhilarating cocktail of spicy and aromatic essences. The dark, throbbing power of black pepper meets invigorating bergamot and green bay leaves. The heart notes reveal the timeless elegance and sensual feel of brown leather. The perfumer has enhanced these leather notes with natural rum essence to give the composition incredible fullness and an elegantly addictive character. Clary sage and cinnamon then unfold, further heightening the finesse and uniqueness of the whole fragrance.
Fine wood notes distinguish the base of the perfume.
This combination of fine woods gives the fragrance a strong, masculine structure. The base notes are sensuously accompanied by musk and benzoin Siam, which convey a feeling of comfort and warmth and, in the perfumers words, are perfectly suited to todays men.
Perfume Family: Woody, Fresh.