Benefit Soft and Natural Brows Kit

Benefit Soft and Natural Brows Kit
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Benefit Soft and Natural Brows Kit

goof-proof kit for natural-looking brows

The Look: soft & natural brows

 Benefit’s soft & natural brows kit contains everything you need for natural-looking brow definition. Shape, fill and set your brows with this unique starter kit. It includes special shaping stencils so any gal can create an expert, personalized brow shape. 

  • natural eyebrow look
  • eyebrow stencil kit
  • shape, fill & set eyebrows
  • 3 easy-to-choose shades
  • Signature Tips & Tricks included
  • complete brow look at a BIG value!

    set includes:
  • shaping stencils for an expert, personalized brow shape
  • stencil holder
  • goof proof brow pencil filling & shaping eyebrow pencil
  • high brow pencil eyebrow highlighter pencil
  • ready, set, BROW! clear brow gel mini


 stencil me in!

Choose a shaping stencil (straight or arched) then slide it into the holder. Position the upper edge of the stencil along the base of your brow then align the pink line with the highest point of your brow.

draw the bottom line

Create a baseline for your brow by tracing along the stencil with goof proof brow pencil. Remove the stencil and fill in the rest of your brow. Flip the stencil horizontally then repeat on other eye.

 seal the deal!

Apply ready, set, brow clear brow gel to lock on your brow makeup for 24 budge-proof hours*.

*Instrumental test on 21 panelists


lift your look

For brighter, boosted and younger-looking eyes, apply high brow eyebrow highlighter pencil along brow bone & blend.